Facility to hyperlink based on results of Generic Inquiry functions and Writebacks

Posted 4 months ago by Jeffrey Patch

Jeffrey Patch

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It would good if we had a Velixo Function that gave us the url path for the current connection

e.g: //https://Acumatica Site//Main?CompanyID=Acumatica Tenant&ScreenID=

Then on the Velixo spreadsheet, we could just add the screen name and record parameter(s)

The function would be something like VelixoHyperlink (Connection, Screen, Parameter1, Variable1, Parameter2, Variable2...)

e.g. =VelixoHyperlink( "VelixoDemo","GL301000","Module",B13#,"BatchNbr",B14#)

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Damien Zwillinger

Damien Zwillinger posted 4 months ago Admin

Hi Jeffrey

This is a great idea! And it's a funny timing too, as we are about to release a new AR Aging Report Template with custom hyperlinks to records.

This doesn't require any new Velixo function today, see this example below that uses only the HYPERLINK and CONCAT functions:

However that needs a hardcoded Instance URL and in some cases for records that also require a DocType, a mapping of document type and their Screen id:

Regarding InstanceURL, we are planning to work on such new function which would return the full URL or the parts that users specify on  the Connection screen (i.e URL, Tenant).

I hope this helps.

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