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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Sage Intacct

Release date: October 11, 2023

Build no: b0cbe4817e

Extra update containing important performance enhancements and critical fixes.

✨ Enhancements

  • Writeback:

    • Improved performance of large budget writeback operations by only retrieving lines for relevant reporting periods. (#3980) 

  • Calculation:

    • Added a new Advanced option on the Options screen: "Frugal data retrieval -> Use minimal account ranges when retrieving balances". This option may benefit the report refresh speed for customers with very large amounts of account activity and/or heavy dimension usage. (#3935)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Writeback:

    • During budget writeback, if the account code cell was formatted as a number instead of a text value, the operation returned an error message: "e.toLowerCase is not a function". (#3980)

Release date: August 11, 2023

Build no: 2ae938f5d3

The Velixo NX version 2023.8 includes the following new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


Breaking changes

Two important breaking changes were introduced for performance reasons:

  • SI.EXPANDTASKRANGE and SI.TASKNAME now always require specifying the project ID / range.

  • When specifying a range of Tasks / Cost Codes as a dimension, you will also need to specify the respective range of Projects.


🚀 New features

  • UX:

    • For select types of operations, Velixo now allows you to queue the next ribbon command instead of rejecting it with a "please wait" dialogue pop-up. For example, now you can click "drill-down" on the ribbon while your refresh is still in progress, and drill-down will start automatically as soon as refresh is completed. (#3497)

  • Functions:

    • Dimensions argument in balance functions can now contain multiple Excel cells growing down or to the right. As a result, the balance function will also spill down, or to the right, respectively. (#3238)

      Dimensions spilling in Sage Intacct balance functions
    • Velixo syntax for dimensions in balance function got more expressive. (#3544) For example, when specifying a customer, it is now possible to retrieve balances that are associated:

      • With at least one customer, by specifying *!

        • Contrast this with the previously supported * wildcard, which pulled transactions that were posted with or without a customer.

      • With no customers, by specifying null

    • Added IncludeInactive/Status argument to multiple EXPAND...RANGE functions to allow filtering the result set by record status: e.g. active, inactive, or active non-posting. (#3510) 

    • New functions for Sage Intacct: 


      • SI.EXPANDOBJECTRANGE function that returns a list of all matching platform objects in your system. Useful as an exploratory tool for building your SI.QUERY requests. (#3574)

      • SI.EXPANDSTANDARDTASKRANGE that returns a list of standard (as opposed to project-scoped) tasks or cost codes.

  • Writeback:

    • Introduced smart entity scoping in all types of writeback for multi-entity shared companies. Now it is possible to update entity-private records and use entity-private dimension values during writeback. In such a scenario, Velixo will smartly log into the necessary entity and update the record there instead of the top level. (#3469, #3520)

✨ Enhancements

  • Connection manager:

    • Velixo will not allow anymore to create two connections with the same name but different word casing. (#3535)

  • Hide zero rows:

    • To match the Classic behaviour, "Unhide all" will only unhide ranges on the current worksheet as opposed to the whole workbook. (#3661)

  • Copy without formulas:

    • Velixo will now prevent #CALC errors from appearing in the resulting workbook in case the source workbook contained volatile functions. (#3465)

  • Calculation:

    • Drastic balance calculation improvement on companies having complex/deep dimension hierarchies, due to an optimised building of the internal dimension hierarchy tree. (#3512)

  • Functions:

    • SI.EXPANDTASKRANGE now has an IncludeProjects argument that will output project IDs as the first column of the output spilling range.

    • When dimension values (e.g. Account groups) contain a comma , inside any given value, Velixo will not consider them as two separate values anymore. In such a scenario, use a semicolon ; to delimit values in a Velixo range expression. (#3631)

    • Improved error reporting upon various cases of invalid filter expressions for SI.QUERY. (#3459, #3490)

    • We will not issue two different requests anymore for two SI.QUERY calls where only the object name case differs. (#3461)

    • SI.EXPANDPERIODRANGE has stopped returning dynamic periods like "Today" or "End of Month", because using them is not supported by Sage Intacct's API (only on the site). (#3466)

    • When retrieving balances for an account group that has no accounts, Velixo will now return a zero value instead of an error message. (#3525)

  • Writeback:

    • Velixo used to report a successful status in the side panel if some of the writeback formulas failed to upload the data. In the current release, we will report an error in such scenarios, and only display the green light if everything was successful. (#3641, #3366)

    • Multiple minor improvements and fixes for tax entries in GL writeback. (#3486, #3500, #3516, #3556, #3563)

    • Better error message for SI.WRITEBACKBUDGET when all amounts are empty cells. (#3503)

    • Improved error message when an employee-type user attempts to use the writeback functionality. (#3638)

  • Drilldown:

    • For multi-entity shared companies, it is now possible to "View transaction" on the transaction drill-down worksheet even if it was posted as entity-private. (#3513)

    • Drill-down worksheets for Sage Intacct are now fully localised for French users. (#3451)

    • For your convenience, dimension columns in both the first-level drill-down and the transaction drill-down will now contain both the identifier and the name of the respective entity (e.g. "10100 – Account name"). (#3470, #3517, #3560)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • UX:

    • Sometimes the created writeback templates and drill-down worksheets were unnecessarily scrolled to the right. (#3480, #3495)

  • Drill-down

    • Clicking "View transaction" on the first-level drill-down worksheet could start the second-level transaction drill-down for an unrelated cell. (#3488)

    • Source cell link in second-level transaction drill-down could lead to an unexpected location. (#3527)

    • Second-level transaction drill-down balance total might not match the drilled cell value due to unnecessary inclusion of draft transactions. (#3533)

  • Calculation

    • Velixo occasionally failed to delete location groups created on-the-fly (for optimisation reasons) in multi-currency companies. (#3228)

    • Refresh operation hanged for employee-type users. (#3554)

❗ Known issues and limitations

  • Calculation:

    • When using both projects and tasks as dimensions in balance calculations, using an employee-type user is not supported, since Velixo needs access to create dimension groups on the fly (for performance reasons).  

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