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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Sage Intacct

Release date: July 4, 2023

Build no: bac3d45b7f

The Velixo NX version 2023.6 includes the following new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


New features

  • General - Calculation:

    • An advanced workbook option has been added, allowing you to control the number of Velixo functions that are computed in parallel. We feel the default value is reasonable for most users and normally you won't have to tweak it. However, if you observe the add-in unexpectedly restarting during refresh, you can decrease that value as it helps with memory consumption on weaker computers.

  • Functions:

    • All Intacct balance functions (opening/closing/turnover) now support adjustment books and user-defined books! Use them stand-alone or combine with the reporting or global consolidation books, e.g. "ACCRUAL;GAAP". (#3298)

    • New functions: 



      • SI.EXPANDPERIODRANGE for reporting periods.

      • SI.PERIODSTARTDATE & SI.PERIODENDDATE, returning the start/end date of a given reporting period.

      • SI.BUDGETABLEPERIODBYDATE, returning a budgeting period that corresponds to the specified date value.

    • SI.PROJECTESTIMATEAMOUNT and SI.PROJECTESTIMATEQUANTITY now support Velixo range expressions and wildcards for project, task, cost type, and item parameters. (#3112, #3259)

    • Added new parameter "ProjectType" to SI.EXPANDPROJECTRANGE, allowing the user to output only parent projects, only child ("leaf") projects, or include both (default). (#3135)

    • SI.EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE now allows filtering to include only normal, only statistical, or all accounts (default). (#3396)

  • Writeback:

    • Support for budget writeback using SI.WRITEBACKBUDGET function. (#3222)

  • Drill-down:

    • Additional information is now available for your convenience on detailed drill-down worksheets ("View transactions"), such as Transaction description, Module, Journal number, and Reference. (#3234)

  • Calculation:

    • Added an advanced option that allows you to control how many data requests Velixo will batch together in every API request to Sage Intacct. It can help to decrease this value if you experience timeouts on large ERP sites. (#3309)


  • Calculation:

    • Major improvements to calculation speed on large workbooks through a complete redesign of application state architecture. (#3151)

    • Fundamental simplification of Velixo NX's calculation architecture, resulting in faster refresh times on many workbooks and noticeable improvements in RAM consumption. (#3264)

  • Functions:

    • Velixo will now hint if a connection of wrong type is used in a formula, e.g. an Acumatica connection used in a Sage Intacct function. (#3319)

  • Drill-down:

    • Faster, more responsive drill-down that reuses calculation caches from the usual refresh process. (#3227)

    • "Separate workbook" drill-down destination is now supported for detailed ("View transactions") drill-down worksheets. (#3261)

    • Title Case will be used for headings in English language on drill-down worksheets. (#3354)

    • The top header row will now be frozen on drill-down result sheets for your convenience. (#3380)

  • UX:

    • In case Microsoft Office add-in framework fails to load for reasons outside of Velixo's control, the add-in will display a user-friendly error message along with the required actions on user's end. Previously, the user would just see a blank side panel (#3316)

    • The help centre overlay will now automatically be closed when the user navigates to other Velixo ribbon elements. (#3358)

  • Functions:

    • When using a parent dimension value for hierarchical dimensions in balance functions (e.g. a parent class ID that encompasses several child classes), Velixo will now correctly incorporate balances from all child values. Previously, it only returned a balance that was directly posted under the parent dimension value. (#3294)

    • SI.QUERY now respects the order of the fields specified in the "Select" parameter, and outputs the columns in the same order. (#3232)

    • SI.PROJECTESTIMATEAMOUNT and SI.PROJECTESTIMATEQUANTITY will now complain if you specify a non-existent estimate ID, instead of misleadingly returning a zero value. (#3146)

    • SI.PROJECTESTIMATEAMOUNT and SI.PROJECTESTIMATEQUANTITY functions have become dynamic-aware and will spill as long as one of their arguments is a spill range. (#3285)

    • The WHENMODIFIED field returned by SI.QUERY will now be displayed as a date by default instead of a number. (#3268)

    • SI.EXPANDTASKRANGE will now filter out tasks that do not correspond to the specified project range expression. (#3299)

    • SI.BUDGETTURNOVER will return an error message instead of a zero value in case of a non-existent budget ID. (#3341)

    • Improved malformed filter expression detection capabilities in SI.QUERY, with significantly smarter error reporting. (#3369)

  • Calculation:

    • Improved speed of balance calculation through improved balance cache hit rate. (#3209)

    • On busy sites, Velixo will automatically retry any requests that hit a rate limit error from Sage Intacct's API. (#3300)

  • Drill-down:

    • Accounts and dimension values (customers, departments etc.) on the first-level drill-down worksheet will now display both the ID and the name of the respective record, for example "4000 - Accounts Payable" instead of just "4000". (#3307, #3431)

    • Better-looking, fitted column width and human-readable names on detailed drill-down worksheets ("View transactions"). (#3213)

    • More meaningful error message when you try to "View transactions" for a row that does not have any transactions associated with it, i.e. having no turnover in the specified period, or a budget-only value. (#3239)

Bug fixes

  • Calculation:

    • Fixed an old issue that led to the refresh process getting stuck in rare cases. (#3324)

  • Drill-down:

    • On a Mac, the "new workbook" drill-down destination could result in the Velixo side panel "jumping" and duplicating into the new workbook due to a bug in the Office platform. (#3410) 

    • Drill-down could crash or freeze for a long time in case the active cell contained a lot of blank precedents. (#3447, #3453)

  • Calculation:

    • Ad-hoc location groups that Velixo created on the fly for optimisation purposes could sometimes be left behind after the refresh, polluting the location drop-downs on the site. (#3228)

  • Drill-down:

    • Detailed transaction drill-down could fail if the user did not have access to the information about enabled features in the Sage Intacct company (usually this required them to be an admin). There is no longer such a restriction. (#3402)

    • One could not use a parent (e.g. entity-level) location ID in detailed drill-down. (#3236)

    • Redundant GLENTRY requests could occur while rendering the first-level drill-down. (#3347)

    • "View transactions" hyperlink displayed a redundant warning upon click in Excel Online. (#3349)

    • Drill-down failed in case the user omitted the Location ID parameter in a company with single base currency. (#3339)

    • "View transactions" hyperlink sometimes did not work on the first attempt. (#3443)

❗Known issues and limitations

  • Writeback:

    • On multi-entity shared companies, SI.WRITEBACKBUDGET will not allow you to use entity-private dimension values since at the moment, Velixo always logs you in to the top level. Our team is working to address this limitation in the next release by smartly scoping budget creation/update to the same entity as the dimension values specified. 

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