Velixo NX 2023.6 Release Notes - Acumatica

Created by Damien Zwillinger, Modified on Thu, 31 Aug 2023 at 02:32 AM by Damien Zwillinger

Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Sage Intacct

Release date: July 4, 2023

Build no: bac3d45b7f

The Velixo NX version 2023.6 includes the following new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


New features

  • Calculation:

    • An advanced workbook option has been added, allowing you to control the number of Velixo functions that are computed in parallel. We feel the default value is reasonable for most users and normally you won't have to tweak it. However, if you observe the add-in unexpectedly restarting during refresh, you can decrease that value as it helps with memory consumption on weaker computers.


  • Calculation:

    • Major improvements to calculation speed on large workbooks through a complete redesign of application state architecture. (#3151)

    • Fundamental simplification of Velixo NX's calculation architecture, resulting in faster refresh times on many workbooks and noticeable improvements in RAM consumption. (#3264)

  • Functions:

    • Velixo will now hint if a connection of wrong type is used in a formula, e.g. an Acumatica connection used in a Sage Intacct function. (#3319)

  • Drill-down:

    • Faster, more responsive drill-down that reuses calculation caches from the usual refresh process. (#3227)

    • "Separate workbook" drill-down destination is now supported for detailed ("View transactions") drill-down worksheets. (#3261)

    • Title Case will be used for headings in English language on drill-down worksheets. (#3354)

    • The top header row will now be frozen on drill-down result sheets for your convenience. (#3380)

  • UX:

    • In case Microsoft Office add-in framework fails to load for reasons outside of Velixo's control, the add-in will display a user-friendly error message along with the required actions on user's end. Previously, the user would just see a blank side panel (#3316)

    • The help centre overlay will now automatically be closed when the user navigates to other Velixo ribbon elements. (#3358)

  • Functions:

    • Velixo will now detect and report if you mix financial periods and dates in the same balance function call. (#3359)

Bug fixes

  • Calculation:

    • Fixed an old issue that led to the refresh process getting stuck in rare cases. (#3324)

  • Drill-down:

    • On a Mac, the "new workbook" drill-down destination could result in the Velixo side panel "jumping" and duplicating into the new workbook due to a bug in the Office platform. (#3410) 

    • Drill-down could crash or freeze for a long time in case the active cell contained a lot of blank precedents. (#3447, #3453)

  • Functions:

    • Date and time columns returned by the GI function were incorrectly shifted to the next calendar day if the source date/time was after mid-day. (#3412)

  • Drilldown:

    • The "View commitments" URL in PM drill-down did not set the cost code filter in Acumatica, resulting in a different observed balance.

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