Configuring access rights in Acumatica

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Applies to:

  • Velixo NX
  • Velixo Classic
  • Acumatica, Cegid, MYOB, Haufe x360, Jamis Prime


There are a series of generic inquiries that are required for Velixo to operate.

The first time you connect to a tenant within the ERP, the system may let you know that those necessary inquiries need to be installed:

That process should be performed by an ERP administrator.  The administrator will need to:

  1. Install or Update to the latest version of the Customization Project.
  2. Assign the Velixo roles (included in the project) to all users who need to have access to the Velixo inquiries.

After installing the updated customization (released February 2024 or later), the necessary roles already have pre-configured access to relevant domain areas of Velixo.  The administrator simply needs to assign the roles to any ERP user needing access to the Velixo inquiries.


Important: ... Assigning the Velixo roles to the users is a required step in any ERP based on Acumatica 2024R1 or newer.

If you are upgrading your ERP from an earlier version, you must follow these steps, else users will lose access to the Velixo inquiries after the upgrade.

Assigning Velixo Roles

Using the pre-defined Velixo roles, the basic configuration of access rights is actually quite simple.

On the Users page (SM201010) in your ERP, you simply need to check the boxes for the Velixo roles for each relevant user:


If you find that one or more of the pre-defined Velixo roles are not available for a particular user...

... make a note of the User Type assigned to that user:

Navigate to your ERPs User Types page (EP202500) and edit the settings for that specific user type to allow the Velixo roles:

Legacy ERP Versions

If you are using and older version of the Customization Project with an ERP based on Acumatica 2023R2 or older, please see this article on Configuring Access Rights.

Restriction Groups (aka 'Row-Level Security')

As the name suggests, Restriction Groups provide the ability to restrict accounts, subaccounts projects, etc. on a user-by-user basis. Velixo supports the use of Restriction Groups. More information about configuring this type of security can be found in the Acumatica Documentation.


It should be noted that, after changing the restriction groups configuration, you should always do a Full Refresh in Velixo to synchronize your local cache.

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