AC-GL-RT12 GL Transaction Details

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Applies to

  • Product version: Velixo NX
  • ERP: Acumatica, MYOB Advanced, Cegid XRP Flex, Hotel Investor Apps, Haufe x360
  • Functional area: Financials, Other
  • Plan: All
  • Template type: Production Report template



The AC-GL-RT12 GL Transaction Details report is a comprehensive financial document that provides detailed information on General Ledger transactions within a specific period. The report is essential for auditing, financial analysis, and ensuring accuracy of financial records, which user can use to trace individual transactions and verify validity and correctness.


This workbook includes the following sample reports:

  • GL Transaction Details: the GL Transaction Details report contains all the transactions extracted from Acumatica

  • GL Opening & Ending Balances: listing the opening and closing balances of the accounts specified on the GL Transaction details tab

  • Options: the template's settings sheet that is use for data validation lists and various lookups and configurations

  • Information: the information sheet of the report, used for storing useful details about the reports such as: code, version, article link, to keep track of the origin of the report

Typical audience

The typical users of this type of report are Finance professionals: Accountants, CFOs, Controllers 


The following features are used by this report. To use this report, please ensure that your Velixo license includes all of them, (or contact Support or Sales):

  • Financial functions
  • List functions
  • Generic Inquiry / Query functions


Download this template

Important: To use the sample reports, you will need to download the below Velixo-GLDetail Generic Inquiry required by this Template and uploading that inquiry into the appropriate tenant of your ERP.


💡Having trouble downloading the file?

Simply right-click the link and select Save link as


The AC-GL-RT12 GL Transaction Details report offers a detailed breakdown of all transactions within the General Ledger, including dates, account numbers, descriptions, amounts, and reference numbers. Its user-friendly interface ensures effortless execution, providing comprehensive insights into the financial activities and status of each account with minimal effort.


Located in the upper left of the sheet, the filters include:

  • Branch: lists all the Branches present in Acumatica Instance including any custom group defined in the options sheet. For ease of use, Velixo shows you the Branch ID that you may be familiar with along with the Branch name. This Display name is configurable in the Options sheet.
  • Ledger: the ledger to pull the balances from
  • Include reclassified: giving users an option to include reclassified transactions or not
  • From & To account: the account code or range of codes to pull relevant transaction details
  • From & To period: the period filter to enable user to select a specific time frame for which to view the transaction details

These filters are seamlessly linked to the data on the Options tab:

General Ledger Transaction Details report

The report is created to gather all important basic information for a GL detailed report. It is organized in a table and includes the following key details:

  • Account code/name
  • Sub account code/name
  • Reference number
  • Description
  • Customer / Vendor
  • Transaction date
  • Period
  • Module
  • Batch
  • Total amount

General Ledger Opening and Ending Balances report

This tab extracts the opening and ending balances for the accounts specified in the GL transaction details tab. The data collected here is aggregated into the main GL transaction detail table, providing a comprehensive view that includes both the transaction movements and the opening and closing balances of the accounts.

User Guide

Using the report

Now that we've covered the report overview, let's dive into a step-by-step guide on effectively utilizing the report.

  • Set the Connection name on the Options sheet: crucial for all processes, set the Connection Name on the Options sheet by updating cell A2. Ensure it matches the name used during Velixo application login.

  • Update the Options Sheet: As the foundation for filters on the Trial Balance tab, keep the Options sheet up to date. It should always and automatically capture the latest dimensions and structures from your Acumatica instance; however, you can also customize it.

  • On the GL transaction details sheet, choose the desired filter:
    • Branch
    • Ledger
    • Include reclassified
    • From & To account
    • From & To period

  • Once filters are set, run the Velixo Smart Refresh to update the report.

Note: Some filter changes may require a Smart Refresh to update the report. If the report does not automatically refresh after modifying the filter, please perform a manual Smart Refresh.

Version History

VersionReleased onChanges
115 May 2024NA. Initial version of the template
1.110 Jun 2024Enhanced financial period handling to support all regional settings and formats

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