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Posted about 2 months ago by Cristina Trabada

Cristina Trabada
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Would like the ability to use multiple ledgers in financial functions. Currently can only select one ledger. What if I want accountturnoveramount for all the ledgers? or selected ledgers? Would like to avoid add multiple functions to get desired result. It's the whole point all ledgers have same chart of accounts. It would make it easier to combine financial statements.

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Harry Lewis posted about 2 months ago Admin

Cristina -

Here is a simple example that demonstrates this:

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Gabriel Michaud

Gabriel Michaud posted about 2 months ago Admin

Good morning Cristina,

All the financial functions in Velixo allow you to include multiple ledgers by using the syntax described in this article:

For example, if you have an ACTUAL ledger and an ADJUSTMENT ledger, you could combine both together by simply entering ACTUAL;ADJUSTMENT in the Ledger argument of the Velixo functions.

Happy reporting!

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