Seeking Assistance with Extracting Budget Data in Acumatica Using Velixo Formula

Posted about 1 month ago by Dhiraj Sharma

Dhiraj Sharma
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Hello community members,

I hope this message finds you well. I have a quick question regarding the extraction of budget data from Acumatica using Velixo formula. I successfully extracted revenue data using a specific formula, but I'm encountering difficulties with the budget data.

I have uploaded the budget information into Acumatica, and now I'm seeking guidance on how to efficiently pull it into Excel using Velixo formula. If anyone has experience with this or can provide a similar formula to what I used for revenue, I would greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you in advance for your help!



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Dhiraj Sharma posted 26 days ago

It worked. Thank you.

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Chris Millar posted 26 days ago Admin

Hi Dhiraj

Not sure what I am missing here but we pull out budget data all the time.

Attached are two screenshots in a Current Month/YTD report.  The first is from the ACTUAL Ledger turnover, the second is from the Budget ledger also using the Turnover function. I am sure you are correct and I think I may learn something here. You say that using the ACCOUNTTURNOVER function on the budget ledger does not work just because its an integer - it should return the integer.

(Note that in the example we use named ranges for many items that are used time and again)

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Dhiraj Sharma posted 29 days ago

hi Chris,
I wish it was that easy, to get the Actual revenue we use "ACCOUNTTURNOVER" any changing the Actual to Budget it doesn't work because it is not a ACCOUNTTURNOVER number. 
As per the Velixo support team, they do not have this feature as of now.

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Chris Millar posted about 1 month ago Admin

Hi Dhiraj

It is a simple process and all you need to do change the "Ledger" in your formula from ACTUAL to the Budget Ledger that you are using. (type ledgers in the search bar and view them in Acumatica if you are unsure of the name)

Good thing to note on the Budget ledgers is you can have multiple Ledgers setup so that if you are doing forecasting (say quarterly), you then add your forecasts to those ledgers say, BUDGET is your agreed budgets and then FCSTQ1, FCSTQ2, etc


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