Generic Inquiries with Grouping

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Applies to:

  • Velixo Classic
  • Velixo NX
  • Acumatica, MYOB Advanced, Cegid



Your ERP's generic inquiries provide you with very powerful tools.


Within a Velixo report, generic inquiries provide you a way to extract the specific data you need when it lies outside of the General Ledger and Project functions.


Generic inquiries can bring data from different areas together.  You can define Parameters, Conditions, and Groupings to help organize your data.


When employing Grouping within a generic inquiry...


... there are certain things to keep in mind if you use that inquiry within your Velixo report.

What is Smart Refresh?

In a typical financial report, Velixo's Smart Refresh feature can used to retrieve data that is new since the last refresh of your report.   


Thus, a Smart Refresh is most valuable when new data is available.  Because only a subset of your data is being retrieved from the database, this can be done very quickly.  The new data is combined with the previously retrieved data to create the new values which can then be shown in your report. 

Refreshing a Grouped GI Report

Because of the way the grouped generic inquiries are accessed, there are some differences when using them with the Smart Refresh feature. 


By its nature, a grouped generic inquiry considers all data and already returns a full set of that data.  


As a result, when a Smart Refresh is applied to a grouped generic inquiry, the inquiry considers the request as asking for new data only (with no consideration for the previous data).


So, when a Smart Refresh is done on a grouped generic inquiry, the inquiry will return only that new data.  There are times when this is convenient.  However, if what you are trying to accomplish is to ADD new data to your already existing data, this method will not provide that.


Full Refresh

In order to combine previous data with new data from a grouped generic inquiry, a Full Refresh must be performed:

In this way, all the data necessary for you report will be returned by the grouped generic inquiry and can be shown in your report.


In order to avoid accidently using a Smart Refresh, you will want to configure the Velixo Generic Inquiry Options for any grouped generic inquiry to always use the Full Refresh feature.


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