Velixo NX Release notes 2022 Archive

Created by Damien Zwillinger, Modified on Mon, 18 Sep, 2023 at 9:14 PM by Damien Zwillinger

Version 0.17.12-g203ef18394 - December 13, 2022


  • New Ribbon UI for Velixo NX (#2210), which looks similar to the one we recently introduced on Velixo "Classic" for Excel Desktop on Windows: 

  • Acumatica-like systems: added support for uploading formula-based budget writeback worksheets (WRITEBACKBUDGET).

    • ⚠️ Note that creating budget writeback worksheets is not yet supported.

    • New budget writeback worksheets can be created in Velixo "Classic" for Excel Desktop on Windows. 

  • Sage Intacct: new supporting function SI.OBJECTDEFINITION, which returns the object structure to consult when building queries for functions such as SI.QUERY (#2287)

  • Supported the Blank rows handling option for Hide Zero Rows. (#2296)

✨ Improved

  • Velixo NX will now detect if Velixo "Classic" for Excel Desktop on Windows is already installed on the computer, preventing duplication. (#2476).

  • Improved the drill-down speed and reduced the number of data requests on all systems, through more aggressive caching of function computation results. (#2426)

  • Better Velixo back-end database resiliency and recoverability. (#2411)

  • Drill-down will fail in case the user modifies the workbook while the process is running. (#2433)

  • Sage Intacct: 

    • reduced the number of data requests made to the ERP system in general due to improved batching strategy. (#2361)

    • further reduced the number of requests in cases when the same GL account participates in different range expressions. (#2304)

    • when specifying multiple dimension values in balance functions, a comma "," can now be used as a separator in addition to the semicolon ";". (#2306)

  • Acumatica-like systems:

    • Velixo NX will not attempt to write back an empty GL transactions. (#2349)

    • Supported the asterisk symbol (*) when specifying balance types in EXPANDPROJECTHISTORY. (#2367)

    • Supported quoted numbers (e.g. "3") for the IncludeUnposted argument in account balance / turnover functions. (#2363)

    • GL writeback:

      • will now report an error in case releasing the batch was requested by the user but failed for whatever reason. (#2421)

      • will not report an error anymore when the batch is out of balance and the "Automatically release" option is set to "No". (#2432)


  • Drill-down to a separate workbook was not working in some scenarios. (#2457)

  • Acumatica-like systems:

    • ACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY unnecessarily returned subaccounts, too. (#2448)

    • GL writeback failed when:

      • the template worksheet had been created in another language (#2344, #2461)

      • other Velixo functions were present on the worksheet. (#2289)

      • the template worksheet had been created on an older version of Velixo Reports with different column names. (#2419)

    • EXPANDPROJECTHISTORY did not account for combinations having negative amounts or quantities (only positive ones). (#2417)

  • Remove formulas:

    • Velixo connections were not removed from the resulting workbook. (#2291)

    • #CALC or #BUSY could be displayed after removing formulas in case Excel recalculated the worksheet during the formula removal process. (#2324)

Version 0.16.333 - November 2, 2022


  • Sage Intacct: new generic function for retrieving lists of arbitrary entities in a tabular format - SI.QUERY (#2301)

✨ Improved

  • Further radical improvements in RAM usage and refresh performance on both Excel Online and Excel Desktop for Mac - by up to 70% on benchmark reports ?. (#2320, #2327, #2333, #2335)


  • Fixed a "Something went wrong" message box displayed in Excel Online for some users on start-up. (#2321)

Version 0.16.311.33370 - October 14, 2022


  • Support for drill-down in Sage Intacct. (#2022)

  • Velixo NX adds support for Hide Zero Rows / Columns and Auto Hide Zero Rows / Columns! (#2142, #2166)

  • Added support for GL writeback for Acumatica-like connections. (#2151)

  • New function for Acumatica: EXPANDPROJECTHISTORY

  • Added support for Acumatica 2022R2. (#2130)

✨ Improved

  • The refresh performance on both Excel Online and Excel Desktop for Mac has improved by up to 50% ?. (#2188, #2227) 

  • Velixo NX also uses up to 35% less memory. (#2188, #2225)

  • Improved Sage Intacct refresh performance when using account group codes. (#1972)

  • You can now drill down into the spill ranges of balance functions in Acumatica and Sage Intacct. (#2081)

  • Improved performance of "Remove formulas" functionality. (#2098)

  • Velixo will now complain if the start date is later than the end date in Sage Intacct functions. (#2192)

  • It will not be possible to set up an empty smart refresh field in Generic Inquiry options anymore. (#2190)


  • "All Velixo functions calculated" message could be shown instead of "Drilldown complete" after a successful drill-down. (#2076)

  • Error message is now shown when non-existent revision is specified for project forecast functions in Acumatica. (#2091)

  • Remember Me credentials were sometimes lost after the workbook was not used for a certain period of time. (#2144)

  • Velixo range expressions were unnecessarily case-sensitive with wildcards (e.g. ABARTEN??). (#2145)

  • Velixo NX could freeze for a long time when editing Generic Inquiry options. (#2142)

  • Error 401 occurred during report refresh in some circumstances. (#2160, #2171, #2176)

  • ? Acumatica GL balances could return incorrect values when dates were inside period boundaries. (#2162, #2183)

⏳ What's cooking

  • GL Budget writeback for Acumatica ☁️.

Version 0.15.613 - August 25, 2022


  • Saved connection credentials could be lost after restarting Excel. (#2101, #2132)

  • Fixed a potential crash on large workbooks using dynamic-aware Velixo formulas. (#2125) 

  • Drill-down could end prematurely on large workbooks and not display the full results. (#2105)

✨ Improved

  • Better consistency of GIFILTER results with Velixo Classic. (#2110)

  • Added an explicit error message for users trying to launch the add-in on unsupported older versions of Microsoft Office. (#2123)

  • Previously, when one of the results in a Velixo dynamic-aware function like ACCOUNTNAME(..., A1#) resulted in a calculation error, the whole formula failed and returned a single error cell. Now only the erroneous cells in the spill range will contain the error, and the other cells will contain a normal value. (#2112)

Version 0.15.582 - August 9, 2022


  • Dynamic-aware functions have reached Velixo NX!

    • For example, when using an EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE() spilling formula in cell A1, you can then use just a single ACCOUNTENDINGBALANCE(...,A1#,...) formula. It will return an entire column of balances for all corresponding accounts from A1's spill range!

    • ⚠️ Limitation: drill-down into spill ranges of dynamic-aware functions is not supported yet. We will be delivering support for that in subsequent releases of the product.

  • Sage Intacct: new function SI.EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE, which allows you to use a Velixo range expression to return multiple accounts as a spill range (#1768). 

  • Sage Intacct: all balance functions now support filtering balances by dimensions and user-defined dimensions! (#1751) 

  • Sage Intacct: all balance functions now support Velixo range expressions for account codes and locations. The resulting value will be a sum of balances for all accounts and/or locations that match the specified Velixo range expression (#1794) (#1957).

  • ERP data requests on the Analysis tab will now display a circular progress bar instead of just a spinner: this way, you can better understand the data loading progress, which is useful for large reports. 

  • "Drilldown sheet destination" on the Options tab allows you to drill-down into a new workbook instead of the current one.

✨ Improved

  • Sage Intacct: API requests are now strictly queued as per ERP requirements to decrease the possibility of rate limiting (#1788).

  • Sage Intacct: we have implemented paging support for data requests: this ensures all data from the ERP gets processed even when the organisation has a very large charts of accounts (#1790).

  • GIFILTER() now supports null values and will not treat them as text anymore (#1836).

  • The calculation architecture of the product has been greatly simplified, resulting in fewer bugs and greater performance.


  • Functions could be infinitely stuck in #BUSY sometimes while the Analysis tab showed no ERP data requests. We addressed one of the significant potential root causes for the problem - please report to Velixo if you still observe the issue!

  • A "401 Unauthorized" error could be displayed for workbooks created in Velixo Classic and then opened in Velixo NX. 

⏳ What's cooking

  • Drill-down for Sage Intacct is coming soon. ?

⚠️ Breaking changes

  • Sage Intacct: in balance functions, support for reporting period names was dropped. Please use dates instead.

  • Sage Intacct: AccountGroup and Account arguments are now separate.

Version 0.14 - March 6, 2022


  • Added French language support (#1722). 

    • The task pane interface should already be available in French.

    • Note: the functions help will only become localised as soon as Microsoft processes our updated store submission, as adding a new language support requires resubmission on our end. It may take several days.

  • New Intacct functions:

    • SI.BUDGETTURNOVER, which allows you to see budgeted turnover values in a given reporting period, or within the provided date interval (#1727).

    • SI.DEBITS - displays only debit activity for an account in a given reporting period, or within the provided date interval. This does not include any adjustment debits (#1726).

    • SI.CREDITS - displays only credit turnover for an account in a given reporting period, or within the provided date interval. This does not include any adjustment credits (#1745).

    • SI.ADJUSTEDDEBITS - like SI.DEBITS, but displays the debit total posted as an adjustment (#1746).

    • SI.ADJUSTEDCREDITS - like SI.CREDITS, but displays the credit total posted as an adjustment (#1747). 

  • All GL balance Intacct functions now support specifying an account group instead of the account code, which can be useful for consolidated reporting purposes (#1729)


  • A deleted connection could reappear in the file on subsequent opening (#1758).  

Version 0.13.56-gf72bff6fbc - February 3, 2022


  • ❗ Breaking change: SI.OPENINGBALANCE and SI.CLOSINGBALANCE now require either a pair of dates or a reporting period name. 

    • Previously they only required one date or a reporting period name, but it produced counter-intuitive results for closing accounts (revenues / expenses).

    • Sage Intacct reports themselves always require a pair of dates. 

✨ Improved

  • Greatly improved the performance of Sage Intacct balance functions (#1676, #1682).

  • In case Microsoft Excel decides to automatically start recalculation when you open the file, this will be displayed as a refresh operation in the add-in.

    • During that time, Velixo NX will prevent users from starting another long-running operation, such as another refresh or drill-down, to avoid concurrency issues (#1688)

  • During connection validation, Velixo NX will now detect not only missing required Generic Inquiries, but also those where someone has accidentally deleted a column (#1690)


  • ? Due to a bug in Excel Desktop for Mac, the Excel window could crash when you opened two workbooks with connections that did not have stored credentials (#1711).  

  • Drill-down sometimes failed to identify Acumatica data in aggregated balances (#1662)

  • VELIXOVERSION did not have a help link associated with it (#1675)

  • In case some Velixo Generic Inquiries were missing in the ERP tenant, Velixo NX did not detect that fact for a few of the inquiries (#1687)

  • After a failed ERP connection, redundant error indications could be displayed in the connection list (#1693)

  • The support chat widget could overlap with user controls in the Generic Inquiry key fields editor (#1705) 

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