TODAYNV function

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Applies to:

  • Velixo Classic*
  • Velixo NX

The TODAYNV function returns the current system date.  It returns the same data as does the Excel TODAY() function.

*The function is available in Velixo NX and in Velixo Classic 7.1.150 and higher.



A small number of Excel functions are "volatile".  Volatile functions trigger recalculation for every worksheet change.  As a result, they can have a dramatic impact on worksheet performance.  In mostly static workbooks (where not much changes between recalculations), the performance impact may not be particularly noticeable.  

But in workbooks containing Velixo functions – where data must be retrieved from the ERP – adding a volatile function that causes Excel to perform extra calculations (and call upon Velixo to recalculate every Velixo function) can make a noticeable difference.  In extreme cases, this can make a workbook almost unusable.

One of the most commonly used volatile Excel functions is the TODAY() function.  But while volatile, this function is extremely helpful in automating reports.

In order to provide the ability to retrieve the current date but avoid the volatile nature of the native Excel function, the Velixo TODAYNV function only recalculates when the report is refreshed.




The TODAYNV function uses no parameters.




Returns today's date.



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