Velixo Classic Release notes - Annual Channel

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This article lists out all Velixo Classic releases of our Annual channel.

Version 7.0.951.63966/

(released 2023-12-28)

  • Maintenance Release
    • minor fixes and error message improvements 

Version 7.0.945.41103

(released 2023-12-12)

✨ Improved:

  • Report distribution:
    • Distribution blueprints shall preserve parameters formatted as a number. (#2981)
    • Auto-updater window will never be triggered when the report distribution is run from the Windows Task Scheduler. (#2989)
  • Copy without formulas:
    • Velixo will now preserve Excel error representation (#CALC!) instead of displaying the corresponding error code (integer number, which may be confusing for the recipient). (#2993)

🔨 Fixed

  • Connection:
    • Worked around unexpected server response in MYOB Acumatica connections, where user would sporadically see a message: "Server committed a protocol violation" when establishing a connection. (#3018)
  • Refresh:
    • "An item with the same key has already been added" error could occur after upgrading Velixo and issuing a smart refresh (#3002).
  • Writeback:
    • Budget writeback produced HTTP error 413 in case of an absent Velixo customization on the site and large writeback data size. (#3006) 
  • Multiple minor fixes and error message improvements (#2977, #2983, #2985, #2999)

Version 7.0.883.54349

(released 2023-10-23)

❗Important (action may be required)

  • This is the first first version of Velixo that supports the upcoming ERP 2023R2 release. If you plan to upgrade your ERP system to a new version soon, make sure you update Velixo, too.
  • EXPANDPROJECTHISTORY now includes project forecast revisions column in the output. Use the ExpansionOrder parameter to exclude revisions if necessary. (#2664)

  • Unified ERP-agnostic experience: in Excel ribbon, instead of the ERP name (Acumatica / MYOB Acumatica / CEGID etc.), you will now simply see "Velixo".

🚀 New

  • If your companies operate under different financial calendars, you can now leverage the master financial calendar functionality in GL and PM functions!
    • This is immensely useful in multi-company consolidation scenarios, where different companies utilize different financial calendars or shifted financial years.
    • To enable this feature, set the new UseMasterFinancialCalendarargument to TRUE in supporting Velixo functions. (#2884)
    • Attention: utilizing this functionality requires setting up new generic inquiries on your ERP site. If your site uses the Velixo customization package, the updated inquiries are shipped as part of our latest customization package.
  • Revamped help & support experience under the "Support and Feedback" button: browse articles from our updated Help Centre or get in touch with our support team without leaving Excel. (#2933, #2954)
  • Added Commitments column to PM drilldown (#2761)

✨ Improved:


  • Velixo formulas will short-circuit and not attempt to evaluate in case on of the arguments supplied to a formula is an Excel error. This significantly improves calculation performance in error scenarios. (#2857)
  • Significantly improved refresh speeds for reports that request balances by a specific date instead of a financial period. (#2645)
  • More reliable large GL writebacks. (#2647)
  • Better resiliency in making web requests on low-core CPUs. (#2823)
  • Better drilldown performance on workbooks containing a lot of spill ranges. (#2846)
  • Drastically improved GL writeback performance for people using single sign-on. (#2816)
  • Significantly boosted the Budget writeback performance for people using username & password authentication, as long as Velixo's customization package is properly installed in the system.
  • More responsive operation cancellation for Writeback and Distribution. (#2668)


  • Improved error messages across the board, guiding the user into the pit of success.

  • Better user experience when your ERP single sign-on token expires: having previously just returned an error message, Velixo will now display the connection prompt. (#2642)

  • More responsive "Cancel" button during connection. (#2627)

  • Added support of BYROW() function being applied to Velixo writeback functions. (#2696)

  • Decreased the resulting file size for "Copy without all formulas" when the workbook contains spilling ranges. (#2715)

Generic writeback: 

  • Velixo now supports creating Generic Writeback worksheets with a large number of columns in the import scenario. Previously, it was not possible due to formula length limitations. (#2888)

  • Added support for special characters like "#" in import scenario column names. (#2653)

  • When passing arguments into a WRITEBACK function: if some data arguments are columns of several values, and some are single cells or hard-coded constant, Velixo will now smartly duplicate these constants across all rows for your convenience.  (#2621)

    • For example, in an invocation like WRITEBACK(..., B3#, "01-2020"), where B3# has 10 rows, "01-2020" will be treated as a column of 10 values of "01-2020".

    • This is convenient for the user when a particular value should be the same across every row.

  • Velixo will not try to process attachment columns of the import scenario unless the user explicitly uses that column in the writeback data. (#2655)

  • Improved handling of the situation when the import scenario in the ERP does not contain any columns. (#2659)

  • WRITEBACK will now produce an error message when one or more of the output cells reside on a protected worksheet. (#2734)

  • Added a possibility to explicitly specify the maximum generic writeback chunk sizeto avoid accidentally splitting one document into many.
    • To leverage this functionality, use the ScreenSettings argument of the WRITEBACK() function, which replaces the old ScreenID argument.

    • Example argument value: "AR303000;BatchSize=999".

    • The default upload chunk size is 100 lines if you don't specify this parameter.

Report distribution:

  • When distributing selected rows only, Velixo will only validate those rows, ignoring errors in rows that don't participate in the selection. (#2657)

  • Better detection of user-corrupted distribution list templates. (#2624)

  • In case a pivot table cannot be refreshed during a report distribution, Velixo will now include the table / worksheet name in the error message. (#2706)

  • Added support for handling pivot tables referring to entire columns on the worksheet. (#2710)

Copy without formulas:

  • Velixo is now making a better effort to preserve value formatting after Copy without formulas, especially for number-like values formatted as text. (#2861)

Hide zero rows:

  • Velixo will now attempt to restore previously applied auto-filters after "Unhide All" is pressed. (#2662)



    • All-space argument values are now treated the same as an empty string. (#2651)

    • Better performance when project budget balances are not of interest. (#2575)

    • The function will now complain if "From" period is later than the "To" period.

    • Empty revisions are now shown as empty instead of "0". (#2671)

    • Supported asterisk (*) for the balance types argument. (#2700)

  • Velixo will now detect if you have specified any invalid values in a Velixo range expression, e.g. "CUSTOMER1;CUTOMER2" instead of "CUSTOMER1;CUSTOMER2". (#2842)
    • Note: this does not apply to wildcards and "range ranges" like "100:999", only explicit semicolon-delimited "units" within a range expression.

This release includes a multitude of other improvements and bug fixes. For more details on the accumulated changes, please see Insider release notes.

Version 7.0.413.59578

(released 2022-10-07)


✨ Improved

  • Velixo now uses FIPS-compliant hashing algorithms, allowing usage on systems with strict FIPS policy enabled. (#2610, #2626)

🔨 Fixed

  • GL transaction writeback was not possible when default non-project code in the ERP system was renamed from "X" to anything else. (#2618)

  • Project functions could return zero balances in case Velixo inquiries were configured on legacy Acumatica versions (2018R2 and older) and never upgraded or recreated (#2611)

  • On older systems without WebView 2 browser engine, got rid of an unexpected error pop-up during start-up. (#2614, #2615)

Version 7.0.407

(released 2022-09-14)


This version adds support for ERP version 2022R2 and drops official support for 2020R1.


Breaking: due to Microsoft rolling out its own TEXTSPLIT function that is incompatible with Velixo's TEXTSPLIT, we were forced to rename our function to VXTEXTSPLIT. If you used Velixo's TEXTSPLIT function previously, your reports need to be updated to the new function name.



  • New EXPANDPROJECTHISTORY() function - like ACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY(), but for project module.

  • Drill-down sheets will now contain the Turnover column in addition to separate Debits and Credits. (#2498).

✨ Improved

  • Custom columns in GL writeback now support Excel date values. (#2494)

  • In Copy without formulas and Report Distribution, any spill range references like A9# will continue to work! (#2500)

  • Improved the general refresh performance by up to 10% (#2560), and improved performance of project reports in Velixo by up to several times on large reports! ?. (#2549, #2569)

  • WRITEBACK() function arguments can now be used in a dynamic-aware manner. For example, you can now specify multiple Excel range references like A1# as separate arguments, and it will work seamlessly with the writeback function. (#2595)

  • Wildcard range patterns like ABC?? in Velixo functions are now case-insensitive. (#2588) 

  • The "refresh pivot tables" distribution template setting now also works with the PDF report distribution format. (#2508)


  • Excel could crash during Copy Without Formulas or Report Distribution when Velixo could not break links to the source workbook. (#2602)

  • It was impossible to distribute locked worksheets in Report Distribution when those sheets contained auto-hiding zero rows or columns. (#2600)

  • For large reports consuming a lot of GI() data, Velixo could keep re-requesting the data without ever finishing the refresh. (#2593)

Version 7.0.239 

(released 2022-07-12)




  • Generic Writeback functionality, allowing you to upload data from Excel to any screen in Acumatica via import scenarios.

  • New formula-based GL Budget Writeback worksheets, which allow one to reorganize writeback layouts and write back to multiple ledgers, branches, and/or years simultaneously.

  • GL Budget Writeback now supports being authenticated through Single sign-on (SSO).

  • UI-wise, Velixo obtained a streamlined writeback experience, with just a single "smart" writeback button. The button will detect all different types of writeback used on the current worksheet, and act accordingly. In conjunction with other writeback improvements, this experience allows you to build quite interesting and complex scenarios: for example, you can create a customer, then a sales order for that new customer, and finally, update the project budget – all in just one click!

User experience

  • A brand-new "Support" button that allows you to access Velixo's body of knowledge in a task pane right beside your workbook.

  • A better sense of progress: during a long refresh, in the status bar, Velixo will additionally display the total record count to be loaded, in addition to the number of already loaded records. This feature will only work on supporting ERP versions (such as Acumatica 2022 R1).

  • A welcome carousel pop-up is now displayed on start-up, showcasing Velixo features and offering useful resources.


  • No more "drilldown pollution": there is now a Velixo option to create drill-down worksheets in a separate workbook.

  • For drill-down worksheets created in the workbook during the current session, Velixo will ask if you want to remove them upon closing the workbook.

Report Distribution and Copy Without Formulas

  • When the resulting copy of the workbook contains pivot tables still referencing the original workbook, Velixo will smartly try to rewire their data source range to the copied workbook.

Velixo functions

  • GL and Project module functions have become dynamic-aware: they will spill into a dynamic array if one of their arguments contains multiple Excel cells. Multiple such arguments are supported, too, provided they are of the same size.

  • New parameters added to the ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY() function and the ACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY() function:

    • PostStatus - whether or not to account for unposted transactions.

    • IncludeBranches - whether or not to include branches in the output

  • New FINANCIALPERIODOFFSET() function, which allows you to add or subtract a given number of periods from a financial period.

  • New EXPANDCOMPANYRANGE() function, displaying the list of companies satisfying a Velixo range expression.

Features for power users

  • Velixo now has a command-line tool to facilitate scheduled distribution of reports through the Windows Task Scheduler.

  • VBA: A "refresh finished" callback is now exposed by Velixo's VBA class, which can be used to reliably track when Velixo functions finished calculating.


✨ Improved

Velixo functions

  • GIFILTER now supports null literals as criteria.

  • GIFILTER will now return an error when a comparison operator as a criteria without an explicit operand ("=", "<", ">")

  • GL functions: Asset / Liability account balance calculations for budget ledgers will refrain from using last year's balances in case no budget record exists in the specified financial year. This is consistent with Acumatica behavior: since amounts are budgeted individually for each financial year, there is no ending balance transfer across financial years even for Asset/Liability accounts.

  • Improved GI() error messages in case the user removes a column from a generic inquiry.

  • Velixo will now correctly display start and end dates for adjustment periods.

  • For companies using multiple base currencies, Velixo will report an error if one tries to aggregate ledgers with different currencies in ACCOUNTENDINGBALANCE() and other balance functions.

  • SUBACCOUNTNAME() will now return N/A for non-existent subaccounts when "Return zero..." workbook option is specified.

  • Better error reporting in FINANCIALPERIOD() function for cases where the resulting period is not set up in the system.

  • Redundant rightmost spaces are now trimmed in ACCOUNTS...WITHHISTORY() functions.

  • For function arguments expecting a TRUE/FALSE value, Velixo now also supports "Yes" and "No".

  • The "contains"-style smart expand in GIFILTER (*containedtext*) will now work without the user having to check "Always load the entire Generic Inquiry..." option.


  • Significantly improved the performance of Hide Zero Rows/Hide Zero Columns.

  • Auto-hide Zero Rows is now triggered fewer times and more reliably.

  • Better drill-down performance on large worksheets

  • Significantly boosted calculation performance for worksheets containing multiple GILOOKUP functions.


  • Better performance of GL and Project writeback.

  • Improved required fields validation to GL writeback.


  • Pivot tables can now be refreshed automatically during refresh (enable "Refresh External Data Ranges and Pivot Tables" option in the Options window)


  • Drill-down view will always keep separate the history records from different source cells.

  • Drill-down now supports legacy Ctrl+Shift-Enter (CSE) arrays.

Report distribution

  • The validation of sheet names in distribution lists is no longer case-sensitive.

  • In a Distribution List, columns prefixed with an exclamation mark (!) will be ignored during distribution. This can be helpful for intermediate calculations.

  • Pivot tables can now be refreshed automatically during report distribution. To enable this behaviour for existing distribution worksheets, create a new distribution worksheet, transfer your distribution lines into it and enable "Refresh pivot tables" option in the worksheet header.

  • Better handling of spaces in Tab Selection in a Distribution List.

  • Velixo will now prevent unnecessary new cross-file links after running a Distribution List with tab selection.

  • Hidden sheets will be ignored when distributing the report in the PDF format.

  • If a report distribution into a OneDrive folder fails due to OneDrive holding access to the folder, Velixo will display a more descriptive error message.

User experience

  • Added best match / possible matches IntelliSense support for the Company argument in Velixo functions.

  • If a particular Velixo feature is unavailable under the current license, the product will direct the user towards a contact for with Velixo.

  • Running drill-down has been prohibited while Refresh is running.

  • The Refresh ribbon button will now change to a Cancel button whenever a refresh is in progress.

  • From now on, Velixo will not automatically propose to upgrade the customization project every time a new customization package is available for download. Instead, there is now a "minimum required customization version" information defined in every Velixo version itself; therefore, Velixo will only offer to update the customization package if, and only if, it is a required update for an updated Velixo version. We will also strive to avoid or minimize such required updates and prompts.

  • Velixo ribbon labels have been compacted to ensure that it is not collapsed on a 15-inch display.

  • Velixo ribbon will not allow to create writeback worksheets when there is no active workbook.

Connecting to the ERP

  • Added important access rights warnings before and after Velixo adds/upgrades Generic Inquiries in Acumatica.

  • Improved error messaging for the "403 Forbidden" error during refresh and inquiry configuration, indicating that it is not a problem with Velixo, but with the ERP access rights configuration.

  • When specifying the connection URL, Velixo will now follow HTTP redirects and replace the connection URL with the final redirect location.

  • Tenants with a trailing dot in the name can now be accessed from Velixo.

Features for power users

  • VBA: one can now enable synchronous calculations upon updating cell values. This ensures that Velixo functions have finished calculating before executing any dependent logic.

  • Under the connection's "..." button in the Connection Manager, there is now a "Validate Inquiries" button, which performs extended validation: not only does it detects the missing inquiries, but also allows to find out if someone accidentally removed a column from critical Generic Inquiries set up and used by the product. Useful when troubleshooting data loading with Velixo.

  • For customers using a Velixo customization package, to keep screen IDs consistent, you will not be able to re-create the inquiries from the Connection Manager anymore; you will need to re-publish the customization package.

Hide zero rows / columns

  • "Hide zero rows" now works on spilled array results, too



  • Multiple minor bug fixes and reliability improvements.

Version 6.0.195 (released 2021-03-25)

✨ Improved

  • Improved the performance of Hide Zero Rows/Hide Zero Columns on very large sheets.

  • Added an alternative algorithm for the Excel (remove all formulas) option of report distribution that can be enabled through Workbook options.

  • Automatic refresh of Pivot Tables can now be configured from a Distribution List.


  • Budget Writeback was failing on versions of Acumatica newer than 2020 R2 Update 7 (20.207+) and 2021 R1.

  • On a new spreadsheet, users could see an incorrect error message when entering an invalid connection name in formulas.

Version 6.0.180 (released 2021-03-14)

Major New Release from Velixo! Learn more at


? New

  • The Distribution List feature now allows you to generate multiple worksheets from a single template sheet

  • When emailing reports from a Distribution List, the email body can now be drawn directly from a cell range or named region within the report being sent.

  • You can also now calculate balances for posted transactions, unposted transactions, or both!

  • Hide Zero Rows and Hide Zero Columns settings are now automatically reapplied after a refresh or a recalculation and you can manually reapply those settings after using Excel’s row filters.

  • The new ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY function displays the combination of those accounts and subaccounts which have transaction dates within your specified financial periods.

  • New COLLATE function, giving you the ability to join multiple ranges and arrays into a single table-like dynamic array.

  • Project Forecast Writeback

✨ Improved

  • When working with multiple financial periods, the FINANCIALPERIODLIST function now supports displaying financial periods in descending order.

  • GL Writeback now supports the Create Tax Transactions feature.

  • New option in the application ribbon to remove Velixo and/or Excel functions from your report with the ability to automatically save the copy to the same folder as your original.

  • Improved formula auto-complete: Parameter suggestions are now provided for possible values when entering Velixo functions. Pressing F2 automatically picks the best match, when available.

  • Single Sign-on now uses your default browser for the authentication process.

  • Per-machine installation support for Citrix, Terminal Server and other multi-user environments.

  • Experimental support for Generic Inquiry functions in pre-Excel 365 versions.

Version 5.0.103 (released 2020-10-01)

  • Added support for Acumatica 2020 R2.

Version 5.0.102 (released 2020-07-15)

  • Resolved an error that could occur while using the report distribution feature.

Version 5.0.101 (released 2020-07-14)

  • Improved performance and responsiveness of the user interface during refresh.

  • Resolved an issue with dates during writeback on non-US English systems.

  • Resolved an issue with subaccount ranges and validation when subaccount codes have a variable length.

  • Resolved an error with the Insert Chart of Accounts button.

  • The GI() function is now available on all versions of Excel and will return a clear error message if dynamic arrays functionality is unavailable.

Version 5.0 (released 2020-06-30)

Major New Release from Velixo! Learn more at


  • GI(), GILOOKUP() and GILOOKUPF() functions make it easy to work with any generic inquiry from Velixo Reports. Please note that you must be on the Office 365 version of Excel (Monthly/Current Channel) with the new Dynamic Arrays feature to be able to use the GI() function.

  • It's now possible to login to Acumatica using single sign-on. Acumatica 2019 R2 or later is required. Configuration information is available at

  • Added a new set of list functions (EXPAND****) functions to retrieve dynamic lists of accounts, branches, projects, etc.

  • Added a new ACCOUNTCONSOLIST() function to retrieve the list of accounts based on a range of consolidation accounts.

  • Added new functions to retrieve and update Project Forecasts.

  • Project functions now allow you to retrieve the amounts in the project currency by setting the UseProjectCurrency argument to TRUE.

  • The BRANCHLIST function now allows you to specify multiple companies in a range.

  • Added the ability to attach files during report distribution; the path of the files to be attached needs to be set in the Attachments column. Separate multiple files by a semicolon if you need to attach multiple files.

  • Custom columns added to a GL Writeback worksheet are now uploaded to Acumatica. The column name must match the internal field name in Acumatica.

  • The Return Zero Values option now works in conjunction with financial periods. When enabled, functions that reference a financial period that does not exist will return 0 instead of an error.

  • Drilldown now considers the use of the subtraction operator, and automatically excludes accounts that have been excluded from the range.

  • It is now possible to cancel an ongoing refresh from the Refresh menu.

  • It's now possible to include every item in a range by using the "*" character. This is useful when you a have variable length identifier and you want to include everything except a few items, for example exclude a few branches in a GL calculation. Example: *;-SOMEBRANCH;-ANOTHERBRANCH

  • It is now possible to intersect a range with another range by using the "^" character in any range. This is useful when you have a filter at the row-level, and another one at the column-level that you want to combine and ensure that you only include subaccounts that match both filters. For example, the following range: CON-???-???^???-123-??? would only return subaccounts that have CON as the first segment and 123 as the second segment.

  • Increased the number of concurrent connections to speed up refresh on multi-connection reports

  • The user interface now shows up in French for users of a French version of Excel.

  • Enhanced Copy Workbook without formulas to work on protected sheets as well. The system will prompt you for a password if the sheets are password-protected.

  • Drilldown to project transactions now shows all inventory items when the summary is for the item.

  • Resolved an issue with report distribution in workbooks that contain chart-type sheets.

  • Resolved an issue preventing the "Copy Workbook Formulas" and Distribution list features to work on files shared to OneDrive.

  • Hide Zero Rows and Hide Zero Columns now available through VBA.

  • Added support for segmented account codes, cost codes, inventory items.

  • Improved validation of invalid items in ranges.

  • Resolved an issue with the Options screen when running Excel with a non-English language pack.

  • Updated the .NET Framework version used by Velixo to 4.7.2.

Version 4.3 (released 2019-09-06)

  • Full support for Acumatica 2019 R2 and MYOB Acumatica 2019.1. For information on the upgrade process, refer to this article.

  • Added support for VBA Automation; key features such as Refresh, Distribution List, Writeback and Drilldown are now exposed for use in your own VBA macros.

  • It is now possible to refresh reports automatically when opening a file; this can be configured from the Options screen.

  • The Hide Zero Rows option has been extended to support hiding zero columns; a "Unhide All" option has been added as well in the same menu for convenience.

  • The subaccount name now shows up automatically in the drilldown tab when drilling down on GL values.

  • When opening a file with multiple connections, you can now apply the same credentials to every connections in your workbook by holding the SHIFT key when you click on the Connect button.

  • Added option to include only active accounts when inserting the chart of accounts in a sheet.

  • From the connection manager, it is now possible to see the license status of a connection (expiration date, modules licensed, URL)

  • Improvements to the distribution list functionality when using templates and macro-enabled workbooks.

  • Removed the TODAY() function from the default GL Writeback template to avoid unwanted recalculations triggered by the use of a volatile function.

  • Resolved an issue with GL Writeback that could occur if you don't have the PM module licensed.

  • Resolved an issue with GL Writeback that could occur on systems with non-US date formats.

  • GL Writeback now validates the projects and tasks used before submitted the batch to Acumatica to ensure and will warn you if a project or task is inactive.

Version 4.2 (released 2019-07-17)

  • The "Save Password" feature was not working correctly and connections were not re-established automatically when opening files from Protected View.

  • Added a SUBACCOUNTNAME function.

  • Improved validations and error handling of GL and Budget Writeback features.

  • It is now possible to specify the file extension to use for Excel files in distribution lists (.xlsb, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xls), allowing you to remove macros during distribution.

  • Resolved an issue with budget writeback when the segmented key configuration does not match the actual length of subaccount codes.

  • Added support for Acumatica 2019 R2.

  • It is now possible to drilldown on cells in Excel list tables that contain named column references.

  • Improved the installation process for Terminal Services / Citrix environments.

  • Improved performance of the GL inquiries for MySql.

  • Performance and stability improvements to the distribution list feature.

  • Corrected the error message that is displayed when referencing an invalid branch.

Version 4.1 (released 2019-05-14)

  • Added a new Options screen to configure the account balance sign and behaviour when retrieving values for non-existing accounts, subaccounts, etc.

  • It is now possible to check for updates manually from the Tools->Advanced->Check for Updates.

  • Workbooks with multiple connections now open faster.

  • Improved validations and error handling of GL and Budget Writeback features.

  • Improved the way subaccounts are filtered when using a range (START:END).

  • Improved performance and reliability of the Distribution feature.

  • The "Copy Workbook Without Formulas" tool now ensures financial periods and other fields do not convert automatically into dates when the cell is not already formatted as text.

  • The installer now supports versions of Excel installed from the Windows Store.

Version 4.0 (released 2019-01-29)

Version 3.0.6 (released 2018-11-07)

  • Resolved an issue when the PROJECTTURNOVERAMOUNT and PROJECTTURNOVERQUANTITY functions were used in the same file.

  • When working offline, the system would occasionally display an error message if you tried to refresh the report.

  • Your default proxy settings are now used if a proxy is configured.

  • Renamed "Company" to "Tenant" where appropriate to match the new terminology used in Acumatica and MYOB Acumatica.

Version 3.0.5 (released 2018-11-05)

  • Resolved an issue causing Excel to hang during drilldown when using unrestricted ranges (ex: Sheet!A:B).

Version 3.0.4 (released 2018-10-26)

  • Added support for wildcard licenses (ex: http://localhost/*).

Version 3.0.3 (released 2018-10-04)

  • Resolved an issue with licensing.

Version 3.0.2 (released 2018-10-01)

  • Resolved an issue that prevented initial configuration of inquiries on HTTPS secure sites.

  • Improved detection of Acumatica 2018 R2 during initial configuration of inquiries.

Version 3.0.1 (released 2018-09-28)

Version 2.0.7 (released 2018-08-06)

  • Improvements to the "Copy Workbook Without Formulas" functionality.

Version 2.0.6 (released 2018-08-02)

  • Improvements to the "Copy Workbook Without Formulas" functionality.

  • The installer now has a digital signature.

Version 2.0.5 (released 2018-07-05)

  • Resolved an issue with drilldown amount and date formatting on non-US computers.

  • The local cache is now login-specific to facilitate switching back and forth between accounts with different branch and account restrictions.

Version 2.0.4 (released 2018-07-02)

  • Added an ACCOUNTTYPE() function to retrieve the account type (Asset, Liability, Income, Expense, etc.) of an account.

Version 2.0.3 (released 2018-06-21)

  • Accounts may now be subtracted from a range of accounts by prefixing the account code with minus (-).

Version 2.0.2 (released 2018-06-13)

  • Added the ability to specify multiple account classes like you can for accounts and subaccounts

  • New BRANCHLIST function

  • Improvements to drill-down

Version 2.0.1 (released 2018-05-29)

  • Miscellaneous improvements

Version 2.0.0 (released 2018-05-23)

  • First release of Velixo Reports Pro

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