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This article lists out all Velixo Classic version 6 releases of our Insider Channel, released in 2021/2022.

For earlier releases, please visit: Velixo Classic v5 Release notes - Insider channel (released prior to 2021)


Version 6.2.206 

(released 2022-04-12)


✨ Improved

  • During the writeback process, if there are no cells containing a writeback formula where Velixo can display a detailed error (e.g. during GL writeback which is not formula-based), an pop-up error box will be displayed instead. 


  • The VBA method for writing back the specified worksheet was always writing back the active worksheet and ignored the specified parameter. 

  • In GL writeback, several parameters, such as branch and currency, were redundantly being required by Velixo even when they could be filled in by default in Acumatica. 

  • It was only possible to instantiate Velixo's VBA object as a variant type, due to updated VBA method signatures. 


Version 6.2.188

(released 2022-03-22)


  • Velixo Reports includes a streamlined writeback experience - with just a single "smart" writeback button. The button will detect all different types of writeback used on the current worksheet, and act accordingly. In conjunction with other writeback improvements, this experience allows you to build quite interesting and complex scenarios: for example, you can create a customer, then a sales order for that new customer, and finally, update the project budget – all in just one click! 1813

  • There is now a Velixo option to create drill-down worksheets in a separate workbook. 1847

  • A brand-new "Support" button that allows you to access Velixo's body of knowledge in a task pane right beside your workbook. You can also chat with our support team in case none of the articles answer your question (An article search is required before a chat button becomes available at the bottom of the search results). 1964

  • A better sense of progress: during a long refresh, in the status bar, Velixo will additionally display the total record count to be loaded, in addition to the number of already loaded records. This feature will only work on supporting ERP versions (such as Acumatica 2022 R1). 1970

  • A VELIXOVERSION function is available to quickly retrieve the current add-in version (useful in communication with the support team). 1991

✨ Improved

  • WRITEBACK now supports an additional argument to output the key fields of any created entities back onto the workbook. 2000

  • Running drill-down has been prohibited while Refresh is running. 1998

  • WRITEBACK will skip fully empty Excel rows during import. 1993

  • Better performance of GL and Project writeback. 1968

  • When closing the workbook, Velixo will offer to delete the created drill-down worksheets. 1951

  • The Refresh ribbon button will now change to a Cancel button whenever a refresh is in progress. 1891

  • Multiple lines can now be imported using a single WRITEBACK formula. 1887

  • Upgradeable inquiries will no longer be validated during the connection process, only the missing ones. To validate both the missing and upgradeable inquiries, the user will need to select "More" -> "Validate Inquiries" in the connection manager. The message about the upgradeable / missing inquiries was made clearer and less confusing. 1795

  • If a particular Velixo feature is unavailable under the current license, the product will direct the user towards a contact with Velixo. 1836 1840

  • Improved error messaging for the "403 Forbidden" error during refresh and inquiry configuration, indicating that it is not a problem with Velixo, but with the ERP access rights configuration. 1773 1819 1895

  • When specifying the connection URL, Velixo will now follow HTTP redirects and replace the connection URL with the final redirect location. 1799

  • Velixo Reports will not automatically propose to upgrade the customization project every time a new customization package is available for download. Instead, there is now a "minimum required customization version" information defined in every Velixo version itself; therefore, Velixo will offer to update the customization package if (and only if) it is a required update for an updated Velixo version. We will also strive to avoid or minimize such required updates and prompts. 1801

  • Tenants with a trailing dot in the name can now be accessed from Velixo. 1817

  • VBA refresh call-backs are now supported even when a distribution list was invoked via Velixo's CLI tool. 1837

  • "Hide zero rows" now works on spilled array results, too. 1902

  • Filling out both Debit and Credit fields in GL writeback is not required anymore, it is enough to fill either of those. 1907

  • Supported best match / possible value hints in the WRITEBACK function. 1956 1958

  • Velixo ribbon labels have been compacted to ensure that it is not collapsed on a 15" laptop. 2049

  • Hidden sheets will be ignored when distributing the report in the PDF format. 2081

  • Got rid of the screen flicker when creating a new generic writeback worksheet. 2086

  • Formula-based budget writeback now supports a single Excel cell range with the by-period budgeted amounts. 2093

  • GILOOKUP(F) became "dynamic aware" - it will output an array whenever one or more of its arguments is also an array. 2096

  • Important access rights related exceptions will be duplicated as a pop-up in addition to being displayed in the cell. 2099

  • Drill-down now supports legacy Ctrl+Shift-Enter (CSE) arrays. 2131


  • Drill-down result worksheet could display incorrect source cell addresses under certain conditions. 2127

  • It was impossible to create a generic writeback worksheet when scenario retrieval failed and the user was prompted to enter the screen ID manually. 2101

  • On certain files, the drill-down process did not set the "To" date when opening transactions in Acumatica.

  • Generic writeback: an IndexOutOfRange exception happened when importing multiple records with varying number of columns. 2041

  • The user could see a confusing error message if they passed an unsupported value into the IncludeUnposted argument in balance functions. 2014

  • Fixed a race condition affecting resource-constrained computers and preventing Refresh in some scenarios. 1952

  • When "load the full inquiry dataset and apply filters locally" option was enabled, GI filtering on date/time values incorrectly applied the local time zone instead of UTC. 1935

  • Retrieving unposted GL balances, or posted GL balances by date could bypass the restriction groups set up in the ERP system. 1945

  • Focus could shift from Excel to Windows Explorer upon performing writeback.

  • Getting a GL drill-down summary through VBA resulted in an error. 1913

  • A COM exception sometimes occurred on Refresh on complex WRITEBACK formulas. 1873

  • "Thread is not main" exception occurred sometimes when createing a writeback worksheet. 1884

  • When creating a generic writeback worksheet, after the user changed the connection in the drop-down, a scenario retrieval error could be shown for the previous connection. 1830

  • When distributing specific sheets only, the source workbook theme was not applied to the destination workbook. 1815

  • Fixed incomplete user-triggered cancellation during the inquiry configuration process. 1811

  • Velixo could complain that the user had not specified a project task code during GL writeback whenever non-project code "X" was specified. 1797

  • The lines in multi-line error messages will not be glued together in Excel cells anymore. 2016

  • Sometimes Velixo erroneously complained about an outdated customization project version when it was not even installed. 1762

  • When entering Velixo formulas in-cell, the best match and other possible values were not displaying. 1760

  • The single sign-on architecture was revamped to minimise the "invalid grant" errors frequently experienced by some of our users. 2020

  • The generic writeback formula did not return an error message when the field names argument was omitted. 1788 



Version 6.1.1

(released 2021-12-02)


  • Distribution List could crash Microsoft Excel in certain scenarios. (#1809)


Version 6.0.766

(released 2021-12-01)



  • Drill-down support restored for non-365 versions of Microsoft Excel. (#1776)

  • Distribution List could crash Microsoft Excel in certain scenarios when worksheets were protected and contained external links. (#1767)

  • Fixed a 404 error upon connection affecting a small number of customers. (#1754)

  • In multi-connection workbooks, during generic writeback template creation, the import scenario list could be displayed for a wrong connection. (#1746)

  • Subaccount was always required in GL budget writeback, which makes no sense when the subaccounts feature is disabled. (#1744)


Version 6.0.703

(released 2021-11-15)



  • Generic Writeback functionality, allowing you to import data from Excel using any predefined Acumatica import scenario! Use the new "Generic Writeback" Ribbon button to create an import worksheet.

  • A "refresh finished" callback is now exposed by Velixo's VBA class, which can be used to reliably track when Velixo functions finished calculating.

✨ Improved

  • During connection, Velixo will detect if someone accidentally removed a column from critical Generic Inquiries set up and used by the product. (#1510)

  • For customers using a Velixo customization package, to keep screen IDs consistent, you will not be able to re-create the inquiries from the Connection Manager anymore; you will need to re-publish the customization package. (#1547)

  • In a Distribution List, columns prefixed with an exclamation mark (!) will be ignored during distribution. This can be helpful for intermediate calculations. (#1559)

  • Clearer error reporting in formula-based GL budget writeback (#1394) and project forecast writeback. (#1424)

  • Added best match / possible matches IntelliSense support for the Company argument in Velixo functions. (#1656)

  • Significantly improved performance for worksheets containing multiple GILOOKUP functions. (#1661)

  • Better handling of spaces in Tab Selection in a Distribution List. (#1408)

  • Improved required fields validation to GL writeback. (#1410, #1666)

  • Velixo will now correctly display start and end dates for adjustment periods. (#1580)

  • Redundant rightmost spaces are now trimmed in ACCOUNTS...WITHHISTORY() functions. (#1431)

  • For companies using multiple base currencies, Velixo will report an error if one tries to aggregate ledgers with different currencies in ACCOUNTENDINGBALANCE() and other balance functions. (#1433)

  • Auto-Hide Zero Rows / Columns now triggers fewer times and more reliably. (#1430)

  • SUBACCOUNTNAME() will now return N/A for non-existent subaccounts when "Return zero..." workbook option is specified. (#1462)

  • Better error reporting in FINANCIALPERIOD() function for cases the resulting period is not set up in the system. (#1468)

  • Velixo will now prevent unnecessary new cross-file links after running a Distribution List with tab selection. (#1573)

  • Added important access rights warnings before and after Velixo adds/upgrades Generic Inquiries in Acumatica. (#1598)

  • For functions expecting a TRUE/FALSE value, Velixo now also supports "Yes" and "No". (#1693)


  • In formula-based project forecast writeback, the status of an invalid line could sometimes be displayed in front of a valid one. (#1406)

  • Argument names could be displayed incorrectly for functions with variable number of arguments - for example, GIFILTER(). (#1419)

  • Drill-down was not working on formulas using FINANCIALPERIODOFFSET(). (#1428)

  • Accounts having both posted and unposted transactions were excluded by ACCOUNTS...WITHHISTORY invoked with the "Posted only" flag. (#1441)

  • "Thread is not main" error sometimes occurred when one opened the Options window while refreshing. (#1443)

  • "Value cannot be null" error occurred when Velixo's XLL was manually attached to an already running instance of Microsoft Excel. (#1445)

  • Smart Refresh in GI() was not working when the supplied OData filter expression contained a top-level "OR" condition. (#1448)

  • A Velixo refresh invoked from VBA with AsyncCalculations = False could lead to Excel window closing. (#1452)

  • An error occurred if a blueprint column was referenced in a Distribution List, but that column contained an empty value. (#1559)

  • When opening a file for which connection credentials were not remembered, the single sign-on button was sometimes missing in the connection editor. (#1585)

  • And invalid connection name was not validated when a file was saved under a different name. (#1582)

  • Velixo could take a long time to produce a connection error when the computer was connected to a network without Internet access. (#1588)

  • Incorrect totals were displayed for Project module rows in case the drill-down dataset contained both GL and Project functions. (#1672)

  • The VBA method GetGLDrilldownSummary was not working correctly. (#1704)

  • In case the user didn't have enough access rights to Velixo inquiries, they could see a misleading message about the customization project being outdated. (#1645)

  • Multiple fixes and stability improvements for COM exceptions observed occasionally during start-up, shutdown, writeback, or distribution.


Version 6.0.411

(released 2021-09-17)



  • Resolved a calculation issue affecting users running reports with multiple connections to instances or tenants sharing the same chart of accounts. You can skip this update if your reports only contain a single connection.


Version 6.0.410

(released 2021-08-16)



  • New formula-based GL Budget Writeback worksheets, which allow one to reorganize writeback layouts and write back to multiple ledgers, branches, and/or years simultaneously.

  • GL Budget Writeback now supports being authenticated through Single sign-on.

  • New FINANCIALPERIODOFFSET() function, which allows you to add or subtract a given number of periods from a financial period.

  • New EXPANDCOMPANYRANGE() function, displaying the list of companies satisfying a Velixo range expression.

  • An option was added to determine how blank rows should be handled after Hide Zero Rows. The choice is among three possible strategies: to keep all blank rows; to hide all blank rows; and to hide consecutive blank rows, keeping at most one.

  • New parameters added to the ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY() function and the ACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY() function:

  • New command-line helper to facilitate scheduled distribution of reports through the Windows Task Scheduler.

✨ Improved

  • Drill-down view will always keep separate the history records from different source cells.

  • Asset / Liability balance calculations for budget ledgers will refrain from using last year's balances in case no corresponding budget record exists in the specified financial year. This is consistent with Acumatica behavior: since amounts are budgeted individually for each financial year, there is no ending balance transfer across financial years even for Asset/Liability accounts.

  • Improved GI() error messages in case the user removes a column from a generic inquiry.

  • VBA: one can now enable synchronous calculations upon updating cell values. This ensures that Velixo functions have finished calculating before executing any dependent logic.

  • The validation of sheet names in distribution lists is no longer case-sensitive.


  • Report distribution blueprints are now created in the specified order (rather than reverse order).

  • On a rare occasion, Excel could crash during balance calculations due to a concurrency issue.

  • Some array returning functions, such as EXPANDACCOUNTRANGE, did not expand properly on non-dynamic-aware versions of Excel (pre-Office 365).

  • It is now possible to use GI functions when working offline.

  • During Refresh, pivot tables were being refreshed before calculations finished, resulting in incorrect pivot data.

  • Under some circumstances, Excel could stop while executing Velixo scripts with DisplayAlerts = false.

  • It is now possible to copy workbook without formulas on protected worksheets.

  • Reversed Account Balance Sign option does no affect Asset and Expense account signs in drill-down.

  • Fixed an issue which could result in an error when creating a distribution list on the French version of Velixo.


Version 6.0.195 

(released 2021-03-25)


✨ Improved

  • Improved the performance of Hide Zero Rows/Hide Zero Columns on very large sheets.

  • Added an alternative algorithm for the Excel (remove all formulas) option of report distribution that can be enabled through Workbook options.

  • Automatic refresh of Pivot Tables can now be configured from a Distribution List.


  • Budget Writeback was failing on versions of Acumatica newer than 2020 R2 Update 7 (20.207+) and 2021 R1.

  • On a new spreadsheet, users could see an incorrect error message when entering an invalid connection name in formulas.


Version 6.0.180

(released 2021-03-14)


Major New Release from Velixo! Learn more at



  • The Distribution List feature now allows you to generate multiple worksheets from a single template sheet

  • When emailing reports from a Distribution List, the email body can now be drawn directly from a cell range or named region within the report being sent.

  • You can also now calculate balances for posted transactions, unposted transactions, or both!

  • Hide Zero Rows and Hide Zero Columns settings are now automatically reapplied after a refresh or a recalculation and you can manually reapply those settings after using Excel’s row filters.

  • The new ACCOUNTSANDSUBACCOUNTSWITHHISTORY function displays the combination of those accounts and subaccounts which have transaction dates within your specified financial periods.

  • New COLLATE function, giving you the ability to join multiple ranges and arrays into a single table-like dynamic array.

  • Project Forecast Writeback

✨ Improved

  • When working with multiple financial periods, the FINANCIALPERIODLIST function now supports displaying financial periods in descending order.

  • GL Writeback now supports the Create Tax Transactions feature.

  • New option in the application ribbon to remove Velixo and/or Excel functions from your report with the ability to automatically save the copy to the same folder as your original.

  • Improved formula auto-complete: Parameter suggestions are now provided for possible values when entering Velixo functions. Pressing F2 automatically picks the best match, when available.

  • Single Sign-on now uses your default browser for the authentication process.

  • Per-machine installation support for Citrix, Terminal Server and other multi-user environments.

  • Experimental support for Generic Inquiry functions in pre-Excel 365 versions.


  • Multiple performance and reliability improvements.

Version 6.0.151 (released 2021-02-25)

✨ Improved

  • Pivot tables are now automatically refreshed after applying parameters in report distribution.

  • The "Open Draft" e-mail delivery option in report distribution no longer blocks the process until you close or send the draft and continues with other items item list.

  • Re-introduced the ability to force client-side filtering in Generic Inquiry in the Generic Inquiry options screen.

  • Error messages related to access rights and unsupported filtering options are now clearer and more actionable for end-users.


  • Blueprint Worksheets functionality has been restored.

  • IntelliSense was not providing argument suggestions in nested functions.

Version 6.0.139 (released 2021-02-19)

✨ Improved

  • Report Distribution now automatically reapplies column filters to ensure changes to the data are reflected in the generated reports.


  • Resolved an issue introduced in the last update that was preventing client-side filtering by date when using GIFILTER.

  • Text formatting was sometimes affected when using 'Copy Workbook without formulas'.

  • Resolved an issue that occured when using 'Copy Workbook without formulas' on a filtered table.

Version 6.0.118 (released 2021-02-16)

✨ Improved

  • Improved handling of date-based GL calculations when transactions are posted to past or future financial periods.


  • Resolved an issue that was affecting filtering by date using GIFILTER when the local time zone was different from the server time zone.

  • ACCOUNTCLASSLIST() now returns #N/A instead of throwing an exception when the account class contains no accounts.

  • Users logged in via single sign-on sometimes had to login again even when 'Remember Me' was checked.

  • Resolved an error that occured when using the GI() function with a generic inquiry that has duplicate column names (with different casing), such as MP-PayActivityDetail in MYOB Acumatica People.

Version 6.0.96 (released 2021-02-08)

✨ Improved

  • Multiple performance and stability improvements.

Version 6.0.56 (released 2021-01-27)


  • Resolved a problem that could cause Excel to close unexpectedly during a large copy-paste or refresh operation.

Version 6.0.54 (released 2021-01-26)


  • Resolved an error that would occasionally show up after writing back a project forecast.

  • Excel would hang when using Velixo functions through VBA.

Version 6.0.49 (released 2021-01-22)


  • When emailing reports from a Distribution List, the email body can now be drawn directly from a cell range or named region within the report being sent.

  • enhanced support for “Per-Machine” installations for use in multi-user and virtual desktop environments such as Citrix or Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services).

  • New TEXTSPLIT() function.


  • Velixo now informs you when the customization project installed on your instance is outdated.

  • GIFILTER() no longer trims spaces automatically in filter criterias.


  • Resolved an issue during report distribution that would cause #N/A# to be displayed in the resulting file.

  • Dialog boxes sometimes opened behind the current window.

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